About Me

Hello all,

I’m Jake Holsteen (in the white).


I’m from a very small town in the Southeast corner of Iowa known to many as Mepo or Mediapolis. Although it may be small with not a lot to do I take great pride in where I come from because it has molded me into the person I am today.  Mepo is a friendly community made up of generations of hard working men and women.

I graduated from Mediapolis Community Schools in 2010 and was involved in a wide variety of extra-curriculars ranging from FFA to football. Throughout my high school career I was given many opportunities to perform at a highest level small town Iowa had to offer, in the classroom and on the field, I did so to the best of my abilities.

I am a Communication Arts major at Wartburg College and have absolutely no idea what I want to do with this, but believe somehow, some way things will work out. I eventually would like to end up back home on the family farm and help carry on the many traditions and lessons learned from growing up on a farm for generations to come.



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