Premium Denim with a Modern Fit



When Wrangler was founded in 1927 social media was not yet a thought. Since its founding social media has for a lack of a better term, taken over the world. Wrangler, like many companies across the world has taken advantage. Wrangler is on Facebook and Twitter and pushes information through their timelines and tweets to nearly 600,000 followers. Consistency is the name of the game to any social media guru and it is no different for Wrangler. Constant updates of new clothing designs and what their endorsed superstars are doing is common. As for a specific strategy Wrangler mostly uses social media for brand awareness.

Because Wrangler has a specific target market sales are rare. The people that wear this type of clothing are going to continue to wear it regardless of price. Wrangler knows exactly what their target market is because it hasn’t changed much since their inception. They target rough, tough, blue-collar individuals who pride themselves on physical labor and the western way (I use the term “western” very loosely here). Along with brand awareness being Wrangler’s main goal through social media loyalty and retention also rank high because of the quality of their products.

Wrangler is effective through their social media because they know their target market and they aren’t trying to be something they’re not. Brand equity has been established over the years making what they say and post on social media a positive interaction every time. It also helps that their employees and customers are intrinsically motivated making them a perfect match. Social media is important to any brand or company, but perhaps more important to Wrangler. This is because of the younger generations. Although their target market wont change the ways people communicate and update themselves about the brand will.



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