Wrangler’s Roots


In 1897 a man by the name of C.C. Hudson left his home in Williamson, Tennessee hoping to strike rich in the growing textile town of Greensboro, North Carolina. C.C. ended up in a factory sewing buttons onto clothing for a heaping 25 cents a day. Long story short the company closed its doors allowing C.C. and friends to purchase some of the sewing machines used.

C.C. and his colleagues started out by sewing and selling overalls. Making the name of their company Blue Bell Overall Company. Shortly after starting up the Big Ben Manufacturing Company of Kentucky bought C.C.’s small business for $585,000 in 1926. With the merge of the two companies the selected name remained “Blue Bell.” As the company came out with more clothing and bought other businesses they came across one known as the Casey Jones Company. This is where the name Wrangler came from. In 1947, Wrangler jeans were endorsed by Rodeo Ben because they were slim fitting a durable. As the years went on Wrangler became apart of the rodeo world as well as the nascar world. Thanks to people like George Strait and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wrangler is a very popular brand today.

This brand is worthy of study because it is an iconic brand in todays world. From the blue-collar world to the white-collar world these jeans can be found everywhere. The values communicated by Wrangler haven’t changed since the beginning; rough, tough, comfortable jeans. Wrangler conveys values through their humble history and the people who endorse the product.

Real. Comfortable. Jeans.





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