Wrangler, Wranglers Controversy


The first and only controversy that comes to mind when talking about Wrangler, really isn’t a controversy concerning them, but someone that they’ve endorsed, Brett Favre. Obviously, this affects Wrangler in some way, but considering they have multiple trusted celebrity endorsements it wasn’t going to drive them in the ground. The 2010, 2011 Brett Favre controversy was soaked up by media outlets all across the country. The married legend quarterback was caught sending nude pictures, leaving multiple voicemails and sending people to talk with a New York Jets employee all in hopes of getting her up to his hotel room.

The headline, “Wrangler In Tough Position With Favre.” According to the cnbc.com article many folks were wondering why Wrangler would continue to allow Favre to represent their company. Wrangler saw it differently. Wrangler had worked hard to find an athlete who could truly endorse their brand, from his off the field lifestyle to his on the field toughness. Perhaps, all we found as a public was that Favre may not be quite the family man we had all envisioned, but that doesn’t take away from a majority of his supporters on the field or of the jeans.

I believe Wrangler handled the Favre controversy very well. From the information I gathered their tactic was to trust their endorsee and wait and see what arises from the situation. Wrangler never indicated to media what was going on, basically by responding to multiple questions with “no comment.” which isn’t always good, but I think appropriate and necessary in this case. Today, it is clear that Wrangler did something right because Wrangler and Favre continue to have a good relationship today and continue to produce commercials.